The Clinic is closed until 1st November 2017


(Dr Ian Ferguson will be in the UK until  Nov 2017)


Life-threatening Emergencies

Please Note: If you have a severe accident or life-threatening illness this is not an emergency Clinic. Please contact the Provincial or International hospital

For Children under 16 you can take your child to Angkor Hospital for Children

Doctor Services

Dr Ian Ferguson speaks only English. We can only provide very basic Khmer translation.

  • General medical problems
  • Minor injuries
  • Tropical and Travel medicine
  • Sexual Health assessment for men and women
  • HIV testing, Hepatitis B and C testing, Chlamydia testing (approx $30-35 for blood tests, $20 for Chlamydia)
  • Post-exposure Prophylaxis (PEP) for HIV and Hepatitis B.
  • Diabetes care
  • Child health including baby checks
  • Women’s health care and routine antenatal care
  • Contraception, Emergency contraception and early pregnancy advice
  • Skin problems
  • Elderly health care
  • Routine Health Checks


Additional Services and Nursing Services

  • Vaccinations; both Adult travel vaccines and some Childhood vaccines
  • Blood tests: these are offered as part of a consultation
  • Microbiological testing: we have some access to pathology testing for stool & urine and swab testing.
  • Bedside tests for Malaria, Dengue and Chlamydia and Urine is available.
  • Sexual health 


X-ray / Ultrasound, Imaging  and EKG’s


Taking high quality X-ray and performing ultrasound requires good equipment and many years training. Most clinics in Siem Reap do not offer high quality radiology and the reporting is unreliable. There is x-ray available some local clinics, and if I think an x-ray is indicated I will direct you to one of these services.

Similarly I can help access ECG and Echocardiography from local sources.


Vaccination Information

Vaccines are a simple and effective way to prevent some serious diseases. They are much cheaper here than back home; if you unsure whether you completed a course there is no harm in having extra booster shots.

(Prices are from 22nd Nov 2015)

Travel Vaccines

Hepatitis B:

Normal Schedule= 3 shots at 0,1 & 6 months (boosters every 5-10 yrs depending on exposure risk)

 Price: Adult Hep B vaccine , per dose= $30 ($22 for residents)   Child Hep B vaccine, per dose= $25 ($14 for residents)

Hepatitis A

Normal Schedule= 2 shots at 0 and then 6-12 months booster (to last 10 years)

Price:  Adult Hep A vaccine (Avaxim 160) = $86 ($76 residents), Child Hep A vaccine (Avaxim 80)= $90 ($50 residents)


Normal pre-exposure schedule= 3 shots at Day 0,7,28  (or Day 21 if short of time)

Boosters every 3-5 years, those handling animals or high risk should have booster every year.

After a bite or scratch those without previous vaccination, there are two schedules (

Essen Schedule = 5 shots given on Days 0,3,7,14,28

Zagreb (Multisite Abbreviated Schedule)= 2 shots (one in each arm) on Day 0, one shot Day 7, and one shot Day21

(If pre-exposure vaccine was already had, then  only 2 shots at Day 0 and between 3-7)

Price: Rabies vaccination per dose $55 ($28 for residents)


       Typhoid (Injection)

Schedule= a single shot which gives protection for 3 years

 Price: Typhim Vi per dose = $60 ($38 for residents)

Japanese Encephalitis

I use the IMOJEV vaccine which is now used in Australia and it the vaccine of choice in many Asian countries. It is safe and simple to give. For adults a single shot will give immunity for 5+ years. For children the vaccine can be given from 9 months of age. A boost 12 to 24 months later will give immunity for life.

Price: IMOJEV vaccine per dose $85 (residents $65)

Childhood Vaccinations

Below is a suggested vaccination schedule using vaccines available here in Cambodia

Combining the key elements of the UK, French, US, Australian and Cambodian schedules; and taking into account the limited availability and cost of some vaccines, I have formulated this suggested schedule.

Note: Please do not bring the child for vaccination if they are unwell or have high fever. If your child has a complex medical history and you are not sure about vaccines it would be better to book a regular appointment first.

At Birth: Hep B and BCG (these will be given in hospital)

2 months: DTaP+ IPV+Hib+ Hep B  (& Rotarix first dose orally)

3 months Synflorix (or Prevnar 13) for pneumoccocus

4 months: DTaP+ IPV+ Hib + Hep B (& Rotarix second dose orally)

5 months Synflorix (or Prevnar 13) for pneumoccocus

6 months: DTaP+IPV+Hib+ Hep B 

9-12 months -IMOJEV Japanese Encephalitis vaccine

11 months Synflorix (or Prevnar 13) for pneumoccocus

12 Months: Meningitis A+C (plus Hib), MMR-first dose

From 12 months: consider Hepatitis A 

From 2 years: consider Typhoid injection &  IMOJEV Booster

3 ½ to 5 years: Pre-school boosters – MMR 2nd and DTaP+IPV 4th (Tetraxim)

NB: Missed vaccines can easily be caught-up, and there is much flexibility in the timing too.


PRICES: THese prices (from Nov 22nd 2015) are for Residents only. For non-residents there would a 50% surcharge.

-DTP+IPV+Hib (Pentaxim) = $75

-DTP+IPV (Tetraxim) = $60

-Hepatitis B (Euvax10) for child =$14

-Booster DTaP (from 11-64 yrs) = $55

-Pneumoccocal vaccine PCV10 (Synflorix)= $55      (Pneumococcal PCV13 "Prevnar13 - I do not stock)

-Meningitis A&C = $30

-MMR (measles, mumps, rubella) = $35

-Rotavirus (Rotarix) = $45