The British Khmer Clinic is a community focused clinic. Many Khmer do not have access to good health care or simply cannot afford the costs of consultation and medication. We have links with selected social enterprises and NGO’s in the area.

 Dr Ian examines a Khmer patient

The Siem Reap Prison Visiting Service

Medical facilities at the Siem Reap prison are limited and the need amongst the prisoners is high. Currently there is a foreign nurse holding a weekly clinic offering consultation, health screening and health prevention advice. Dr Ian has been helping out with visits once a month and offering advice and support otherwise.


Cambodian Diabetes Association (CDA)

I have a Diploma in Diabetes and currently I volunteer at the CDA two sessions a week, Monday 7am to 12pm & Weds 7am to 12pm

Older people and persons with chronic conditions, including diabetes have few independant places they can go to for reliable medical care.

Prof. Keuky has been running the CDA for a number of years. It provides care in the town (the clinic is in a small side street off High School Road and opposite Chung Lung Sports club), and it has a mobile clinic that goes to the surrounding villages.






Safe Haven

This is a highly respected medical outreach program for children with physical and mental disabilities. Dr Ian Ferguson has helped as an independent consultant, visiting some children in the village. British Khmer Clinic has also referred Cambodian patients and really appreciate Safe Haven’s expertise.