Clinic will be closed until 1st November 2017.


Dr Ian Ferguson will be in the UK for 6 months until 1/11/17 and will re-open in a new location.


About Us

The British Khmer Clinic is an English speaking medical clinic based in Siem Reap. We aim to provide excellent, Western style health care in a clean and friendly environment. Dr Ian Ferguson is a British family doctor (GP) who trained at a top university, University College London (UCL) with long experience working in St Thomas’ hospital, and he was a partner and owner of a clinic in south London for 12 years. He is currently registered as a UK doctor with the GMC (GMC number 4035330) and with the National Medical Council of Cambodia.

We can provide healthcare to adults and children, men and women, to foreigners and Cambodians. Please have a look at the services page for more information. I am currently on the list of recommended medical providers from the Australian Embassy (



Please be aware that Dr Ian Ferguson spends part of his work volunteering at several medical charities, including the Cambodian Diabetes Association (Mon &Tues mornings) , The Siem Reap Prison medical clinic (one day a month), and Safe Haven "Children with disabilities".

 *** Please Note: in case of a severe accident or life-threatening illness we are not an emergency service. 


Opening times

Normal clinic opening times are Tues & Thurs- 8.30am to 5.30pm   and   Saturday: (Half day) 8.30-12.30 ; all of these are charged at normal rate.

There will be limited availability on other days, if it is urgent or you are travelling.

Out of hours:  I may not be available out of normal working hours (8.30-5.30pm): Saturday evenings, Sunday all day, evenings and nights. (these will be charged at higher rate, see below, and can only be by arrangement)


Consultation & Prices

A standard consultation, without discount is $90, there is a discount for  foreign Residents (who can give proof of more than 3 months stay) and Cambodians both of whom may  pay $30.

(Volunteers with charitable organisations may be eligible for a 25% discount, but ONLY if I have a pre-arranged contract with the organisation.)

All consultations are done in English. My receptionist can only provide limited translation in Khmer. 

Please pay all consultation in cash US dollars or Riel, as at present I do not have a credit card facility. ( I can take some payments in other currency e.g. Thai Baht, GBP sterling)

Consultation appointments can be booked directly On-line via the Booking App on this page (top right), or Facebook pages.

Consultations can also be requested via email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

or phone.

Direct booking via the BOOKING APP is easiest. E-mails will do direct to Dr Ferguson, but phone network coverage can be patchy.



Hotel and Home visits

The doctor is very comfortable to do home visits and will bring a fully equipped Doctor’s bag, with diagnostic equipment and a range of medicines to treat acute symptoms. Visit fees are more than standard consultation fees. I can usually give a short course of the necessary medicines included in the fee. Please call 0974204217 to book a Hotel or Home Visit.

Daytime visit: 8.30-5.30pm:    $160 per visit (Concession $120)

Early morning and Evening  7am -8.30am and 5.30-8pm:  $210 per visit (Concession $190)

Night time (from 8pm- 7am):  not available

Sunday visits during  the day: $180